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International Breweries (Ilesa) Staff Cooperative Investment and Credit Society Limited

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About Us

International Breweries (Ilesa) Staff CICS Ltd.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to International Breweries (Ilesa) Staff CICS Ltd. The society was formed with the vision of improving the welfare of members and providing a financial leverage and support for members to meet their needs. The creation of this site is one of the various steps being taken to achieve these and to further foster our dear society. You are welcome!

What We Do

International Breweries (Ilesa) Staff CICS Ltd. prides itself in providing quick turnaround loan/credit facilities to her members within shortest period of time. Simply put, we offer Sharp, Swift, Easy and Flexible Personal Loans.
We also offer saving and investment opportunities to her members.


Membership is opened to all staff of International Breweries (Ilesa) PLC.


It has over the years enjoyed good management from professional, efficient and transparent executive teams.


It has continued to experience growth year after year on her operations and giving support to her members.

In working together, we strive to improve economic condition of our members and to provide facilities for better living condition as well as carrying out work of common economic interest and benefit.

Our Principles

Honesty & Transparency : Managed by team of individuals who lace vaules on their intergrity and in the discarge of their duties.

Social Responsibility : While working together to achieve greatness we also consider our environment and give support to the society.

Caring for Members : We help members achieve their developmental aspirations by giving prompt and adequate attentions to their financial needs.


We have a range of products our members can subscribe to according to their financial strength.


This plan is compulsory for all members, it helps us become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency.


Credit facility in form of loans are given to members at a very low interest rates. Types of Loan includes: Normal Loan, Commodity Loan, Land Loan, Christmas/Salah Loan.


Every member is entitled to shares from the interests on loans given out.


Consumable and non-consumable commodities are sold to members at competitive wholesale price.